Lab Members

Rosa Fernández

Group Leader

My research focuses on phylogenomic approaches to species tree reconstruction and comparative genomics to understand (i) how animals are related to each other, (ii) how they reshaped their genomes to generate their inmense diversity and (iii) how they adapted to new environments - such as during terrestrialization. My favourite creatures are arthropods and annelids, but I´m expanding my interest to other lineages as well to have a better picture of animal evolution at a macroevolutionary scale.

I´m also the mom of a chubby happy baby since mid 2019.


My brief CV can be downloaded here.

Follow me on Twitter: @Rosamygale

Jesús Lozano-Fernández

Juan de la Cierva-Incorporación Postdoctoral Fellow

(joining the lab after his paternity leave in mid 2020)

I'm interested in understanding how animal biodiversity is generated, and how life has evolved along time. During my research career, I studied several evolutionary transitions that led to major developmental changes and had huge impact in past and present biodiversity. From researching during my PhD on the origin of insect metamorphosis using gene knock-down techniques, to subsequently investigating the about the adaptation to land of chelicerates and the origin of animals applying a molecular palaeobiological approach, my research incorporates a synoptic science where the evolutionary history of molecules and fossils are merged to understand and reliably assess evolution.

My personal webpage can be accessed here.

Follow me on Twitter: @Jesus_LozanoF

Pau Balart García

PhD Candidate

I am interested in understanding how life became successful in extreme habitats. My research focuses on understanding the evolution of subterranean fauna. During my master’s I studied phylogenetics and biogeography of flatworms. My PhD project aims at ellucidating the genomic basis of adaptation to caves in subterranean beetles through a phylogenomics and comparative genomics approach. As evolutionary biologist and speleologist, I like to take part in the whole process in my research: from fieldwork to wet lab, bioinformatics and finally transmitting science. My major motivation since I started in biology is conservation, and I hope someday my research will become more applied along this line.

Pau is co-advised by Ignacio Ribera from the Water and Cave beetle Evolution Lab @ IBE.

Follow me on Twitter: @PauBalart1


2011-2012     Daniel Fernández-Marchán (Master´s Thesis)(co-advised by Darío J. Díaz Cosín and Rosa @Universidad Complutense de Madrid).

2011-2012     Bárbara Simancas (Master´s Thesis)(co-advised by Darío J. Díaz Cosín and Rosa @Universidad Complutense de Madrid).

2014-2015     Esra Mescioglu (Senior Thesis @University of Massachussetts-Boston)(co-advised by Gonzalo Giribet and Rosa @Harvard University). Now PhD student at University of California - Santa Cruz.

2015-2016     Nia Walker (Senior Thesis)(co-advised by Gonzalo Giribet, David Combosch and Rosa @Harvard University). Now Ph student at Stanford University.

2013-2017     Daniel Fernández-Marchán (PhD Thesis)(co-advised by Darío J. Díaz Cosín, Marta Novo and Rosa @Universidad Complutense de Madrid). Now Juan de la Cierva-Formación Postdoctoral Fellow student @Universidade de Vigo.

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